Find out how to make the most of color in your American home with ideas for analyzing, selecting, and coordinating color schemes. Learn how differently light affects the colors you choose depending on where you live. Over 150 photographs of traditional and contemporary interiors.

Author: Margaret Sabo Wills
176 pp., 9" x 10"
Book#: 287264
ISBN: 1-58011-010-X
UPC: 0-78585-11010-0
$19.95 (US) $25.95 (Canada)
Unlike the European-inspired decorating books,
Color in the American Home is something different: a book that appeals to an American—and a Canadian—aesthetic. More than 150 gorgeous, four-color photographs of comfortable and stylish homes from Boston to San Francisco, Miami to Chicago, Washington D.C. to Victoria B.C. are included.

This easy-to-understand, nontechnical guide shows homeowners how to use color just like a professional interior designer. Readers learn how to analyze, select, and coordinate color schemes to make the most of their homes.

Color is a hot trend; in 1997, there was an explosion of feature articles and cover lines on the topic in all the top decorating magazines. Color in the American Home takes the fear out of using color around the house by offering easy-to-follow instructions peppered with lots of "insider" professional advice.

Tips from interior designers and color specialists provide the expert's view on creating special effects with color and foreseeing color trends.

Color in the American Home shows how to establish a room's character with the decorator's most personal, versatile, and evocative tool—color. The book makes the case for the "power of the palette" with colors that are the essence of American style. America's many-layered history, diverse ethnic traditions, and lively regional differences offer a rich array of color choices for today's homeowner. Color in the American Home's easy-to-understand, nontechnical text will give homeowners the confidence to design with color in their own homes, plus it will inspire them with beautiful, full-page color photographs of interiors across the country.

AUTHOR BIO: Margaret Sabo Wills is a well-known writer, specializing in home design. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, Woman’s Day Special Publications, Hearst Special Interest Publications, Country Living, Colonial Homes, Changing Homes, and Black Enterprise.
REVIEW: Margaret Sabo Wills has constructed a to-the-point, easy-to-digest overview on all aspects of color for the home, including easing the fears of choosing the right colors for your personal environment. In my opinion, Ms. Wills’s piece is one of the best in the market. Brava!
(Robert di Mauro, Vice President of Ellen Sideri Partnership, a color forecasting firm for the home and fashion industry)
Today’s Librarian, January 1999
Color In the American Home
By Margaret Sabo Wills
Combine the rich photography and attention to detail of Architectural Digest with the abundant color of Better Homes and Gardens, sprinkle in a coffee table-book format and. . . voila, you end up with two of the latest titles from Creative Homeowner Press. The Smart Approach to Bath Design breaks down everything you would need to know about upgrading your bathroom, conveniently separated into chapters and supported by four-color photographs on practically every page. Color in the American Home provides novice interior decorators with some methodology in the selection of color palettes, as well as guidance on how to implement these color choices. Both books feature high-quality photography in combination with crisp, fresh layouts reminiscent of consumer fashion and home decor magazines.
Window & Wall Ideas, Spring 1999
From an author seasoned in the home furnishings and decorating business comes this book, which aims to help homeowners with color coordination and selection. What differentiates it from other books on the market is how similar it is to a magazine. It’s bound in a soft cover, so you can take it on shopping trips or to meet with your designer. You can bend the pages and mark favorite color schemes. The book presents ideas in real homes, then follows with paint colors and fabric swatches for you to examine and replicate.

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