Easy Care Guide To Houseplants

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Jack Kramer
192 pp., 9” x 10”
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ISBN: 1-58011-063-0
UPC: 0-78585-11063-6

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DESCRIPTION: This book provides all you need for success with nearly 200 of the most popular houseplants grow in North America. Part I introduces the types of houseplants and tells you their origins, and then explains selection and care. Part II showcases individual plants and describes their needs. Illustrating this authoritative guide are more than 500 full-color photos and drawings- many of them showing procedures step by step. You'll learn how to:

  • Select plants suited for conditions in your home
  • Place plants where they'll thrive
  • Feature houseplants in home decoration
  • Choose plant containers
  • Care for and propagate your own plants
  • Avoid plant pests and diseases without resorting to dangerous chemicals
  • Grow culinary herbs and force bulbs
  • Use artificial lights to display plants and help them grow
  • Install hanging plants attractively- and securely

REVIEW: This is a winner! In this thorough yet easy-to-read book, Jack Kramer shares the secrets of a lifetime cultivating houseplants.
(Dick Tracy, garden writer, Sacramento Bee, and co-author, Gardens of the Wine Country)

AUTHORBIO: Jack Kramer is the author of more than 100 gardening books including The World Wildlife Fund Book of Orchids and Women of Flowers, which won the Garden Writers Association of America's "Best Book" Award of Excellence. His many magazine credits include Horticulture, House Beautiful, Family Circle, and Architectural Digest. Widely known for cultivating and writing about houseplants, he was uniquely qualified to grow and supervise the photography of the plants profiled in this book.

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