Quick Guide: Wiring
3rd Edition

ISBN: 1-880029-23-5

Price: $7.95 (US)

DESCRIPTION: Simplifies the basics of working with wire so that you can make repairs as quickly and efficiently as a professional. You will learn to understand the electrical system in your home, and by doing so will be able to repair switches, receptacles, plugs, and cords. This guide will teach you how to rewire faulty lamps, repair fluorescent lights, and install attractive track lights or ceiling fans. It will even show you how to extend the power outside of your home. Each book in the Quick Guide Series has more than 190 two-color illustrations with easy-to-follow instructions.

REVIEW: Light on text and heavy on illustrations with step-by-step instructions, each paperback in the Quick Guide series contains enough checklists, diagrams, safety instructions, and tips to make it a useful reference for even novice do-it-yourselfers. (Chicago Tribune)
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