The Smart Approach to Bath Design
Everything you need to know about designing a bathroom like a professional is explained in the Smart Approach to Bath Design. Creative solutions and practical advice about space, the latest in fixtures and fittings, and safety features accompany over 150 photographs.

Author: Susan Maney
Number of Pages: 176
Size: 9” x 10”
Book# 287225
ISBN: 1-58011-009-6
UPC: 0-78585-11009-4
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For the homeowner who is remodeling an older bath or adding a new one, THE SMART APPROACH TO BATH DESIGN shows the reader how to think like a designer, make smart decisions concerning the decor and function of the bathroom, and get professional-looking results. The book is written in a friendly, informal style that readers will find enjoyable, as well as informative.

150 color photographs give the reader the opportunity to step into the world of professionally designed bathrooms, featuring a variety of styles from contemporary to traditional to country. Besides motivating a homeowner to make changes, the photographs and accompanying text explain how to create a fabulous new bathroom of his or her own.

Easy-to-follow "Smart Steps" in every chapter take the reader through the entire design process in an organized, time-saving, and non-technical fashion. "Smart Tip" boxes throughout offer quick pointers and bits of "insider" advice.

This is a must-read for anyone considering a bathroom makeover because it covers every aspect of the design process and provides homeowners with all the options that are available to them in terms of products, materials, and technology. The reader will also find great advice for working with contractors, financing, shopping smartly, making the new bathroom safe, creating a customized layout and light design, and pulling together a professional-looking decorating scheme
THE SMART APPROACH TO BATH DESIGN leads homeowners through the steps of designing and decorating a bathroom in an organized, professional manner. The book begins by acquainting readers with the practical considerations of remodeling or adding a bathroom, such as contracts, insurance, permits, and financing, in language that is easy to understand, then moves on to the creative aspects of designing a layout, creating a light plan, selecting fixtures, fittings, and other products and materials, then pulling together a cohesive decorating scheme. A timeline at the end of the book gives the homeowner a quick visual reference for gauging the sequence of events involved in a bath project and approximately how long it takes from start to finish.

AUTHOR BIO: Susan Maney is the Director of Marketing and Communications for the National Association of the Remodeling Industry and the Editor-in-Chief of The Master Plan for Home Remodeling. In addition, she continues to write on the topics of home design and remodeling for numerous national consumer publications. She has been a guest on many radio shows, offering advice on home-improvement topics.

REVIEW: I believe this book does offer a smart approach to bath design for today’s and tomorrow’s family. There is a good and logical progression of information covering the start to finish phases of design and installation.
(John Spitz, CKD, CBD, ASID, Director of Societies and Government Relations for the National Kitchen & Bath Association)
REVIEW: Susan Maney’s book The Smart Approach to Bath Design simplifies the complicated questions that bath design raises. She clears the air, addressing every issue, to help readers make intelligent decisions whether they are remodeling an old bath or building a new one.
(Ellen Frankel, former Editor-in-Chief 1,001 Home Ideas, Editor Woman’s Day Kitchens & Baths, board mentor International Furnishings & Design Association (IFDA))
Today’s Librarian, January 1999
The Smart Approach to Bath Design
by Susan Maney
Combine the rich photography and attention to detail of Architectural Digest with the abundant color of Better Homes and Gardens, sprinkle in a coffee table-book format and. . . voila, you end up with two of the latest titles from Creative Homeowner Press. The Smart Approach to Bath Design breaks down everything you would need to know about upgrading your bathroom, conveniently separated into chapters and supported by four-color photographs on practically every page. Color in the American Home provides novice interior decorators with some methodology in the selection of color palettes, as well as guidance on how implement these color choices. Both books feature high-quality photography in combination with crisp, fresh layouts reminiscent of consumer fashion and home decor magazines.

Kitchen and Bath Ideas, Spring 1999

The Smart Approach to Bath Design touts personal involvement as the way to get the best bathroom. You’ll learn to evaluate your current bathroom to identify problem areas, plus investigate safety issues and future needs. Most important, you’ll find out how to plan a space that will work for you--helping you relax at the end of the day or spring into action first thing in the morning.
Author Susan Maney starts with the premise that bathroom additions and remodeling jobs are the most popular home improvement projects. Yet most homeowners need help to accomplish such projects in an organized manner. That’s why this book covers every aspect of the design process, including creating custom layout and lighting designs, making a bathroom safe and accessible to every member of the household, and pulling together a professional-looking decorating scheme.
Readers also find advice for handing the complexities of financial decisions. Maney includes sample budgets for a standard half bath, full bath, and master bath, as well as a timeline that provides a quick visual reference to the steps involved in a bath project and how long they should take.

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