Color in the American Home
This book explains the science and art of interior design. Learn how to work with space, color, pattern, and texture with the flair of a professional designer. Pick up tips about furniture placement, window, wall, and floor treatments, and find out how to pull everything together in one great look. More than 300 color photographs.
Author: Staff of Creative Homeowner Press
256 pp., 9"x10"
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ISBN: 1-58011-050-9
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Anyone who has ever asked the question, "Where do I begin,"? will find the answer in The
Smart Approach to Home Decorating. This book takes all the guesswork out of pulling together every room in the house with professional flair. It explains how to develop the discerning eye of an interior designer so that you can choose a color scheme, create a comfortable furniture layout, select window, wall, and floor treatments, and arrange accessories on walls and other surfaces with artful ease. Chapters include information on

Understanding the concepts of scale, proportion, line, balance, and rhythm
Using color, pattern, and texture
Designing with light
Shopping for and arranging furniture
Decorating walls, windows, and floors
Adding character
Creating wall- and table-scapes

Interviews with interior designers offer practical insider tips for decorating every room in the house. More than 300 full-color photographs feature a variety of decorating styles.

Editors of Creative Homeowner Press draw on a collective wealth of professional experience in the field of decorating and home design to bring lots of insightful advice to this book.

The Smart Approach to Home Decorating shows how to make any home stylish and comfortable through thoughtful design and planning. The readers will learn how to analyze, reshape, and fill space as well as work with color, pattern, texture, and light. They'll learn how to select from the latest window, wall, and floor treatments and to judge whether it's worth reupholstering or refinishing an old piece. One chapter will show how to add personality to any room with accessories, including a section on collections, and another discusses enhancing the character of a room with architectural detail such as moldings or built-ins. Readers are also taken on a room-by-room tour—from the living room and bedroom to the kitchen and bath—that provides specific information for each room. The book ends with decorating "the room outdoors": Those spaces—sun rooms, decks, porches—that are on the boundary between indoors and outdoors.

The Smart Approach to Home Decorating brings together many years of collective professional experience in the world of interior design. The various authors have written on the topic of home decorating for a wide variety of publications, including House Beautiful, Home, American Homestyle & Gardening, Old-House Interiors, Woman's Day Special Publications, and Hearst Special Interest Publications.


The Midwest Book Review

The Smart Approach to Home Decorating is a beautiful 256-page book featuring hundreds of lavish color photographs that will inspire readers into making improvements in their own homes. A friendly, conversational text discusses basic interior design concepts and shows readers how to apply the principles of scale and proportion, line, balance, harmony, and rhythm. The reader can then utilize these basic concepts to create pleasing room arrangements and to solve space problems. Other idea-packed chapters offer advice on how to introduce color, pattern, and texture into rooms, how to select furniture, accessories, lighting, and window fixture templates.

The Bergen Record

. . .it is well organized and full of helpful tips. It would make a nice shower gift for a prospective bride.

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