The Smart Approach to KITCHEN DESIGN
Transform a dated kitchen into the spectacular heart of your home. Learn how to create a better layout and more efficient storage. Find out about the latest equipment and materials and how to shop wisely. Savvy tips explain how to create style like a pro. More than 150 photos.

Author: Susan Maney
Number of Pages: 176
Size: 9” x 10”
Book# 279935
ISBN: 1-58011-024-X
UPC: 0-78585-11024-7
$19.95 (US) $25.95 (CANADA)

Intended for the homeowner who is remodeling an older kitchen or adding a new one. The Smart Approach to Kitchen Design shows the reader how to think like a designer, make smart decisions concerning the decor and function of the kitchen, and get professional-looking results. The book is written in a friendly, informal style that readers will find enjoyable, as well as informative.

150 color photographs give the reader the opportunity to step into the world of professionally designed kitchens, featuring a variety of styles from contemporary to traditional to country. Besides motivating a homeowner to make changes, the photographs and accompanying text explain how to create a fabulous new kitchen of his or her own.

Easy-to-follow "Smart Steps" in every chapter take the reader through the entire design process in an organized, time-saving, and non-technical fashion. "Smart Tip" boxes throughout offer quick pointers and bits of "insider" advice.

This is a must-read for anyone considering a kitchen makeover because it covers every aspect of the design process and provides homeowners with all the options that are available to them in terms of equipment, materials, and technology, as well as great advice for working with contractors, financing, shopping smartly, making the new kitchen safe and accessible to people of all ages and capabilities, creating a customized layout and light design, and pulling together a professional-looking decorating scheme

The Smart Approach to Kitchen Design leads homeowners through the steps of designing and decorating a kitchen in an organized, professional manner. The book begins by acquainting readers with the practical considerations of remodeling or adding a kitchen, such as contracts, insurance, permits, and financing, in language that is easy to understand, then moves on to the creative aspects of designing a layout, creating a light plan, selecting cabinets, equipment, and other products and materials, then pulling together a cohesive decorating scheme. A timeline at the end of the book gives the homeowner a quick visual reference for gauging the sequence of events involved in a kitchen project and approximately how long it takes from start to finish.

Based in Alexandria, Virginia, Susan Maney is Director of Marketing and Communications for the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI). She is the Editor-in-Chief of Focus on Remodeling, a monthly publication of NARI, as well as the Editor-in-Chief of The Master Plan for Home Remodeling magazine, the consumer education publication distributed by NARI. In addition, Susan is a regular contributor to Woman's Day Special Interest Publications, including Woman's Day Home Remodeling, Woman's Day Kitchens & Baths, and Woman's Day Home Improvement New Product Ideas, as well as various other publications. She has been heard on Talk Home radio, which is broadcast thoughout Texas and parts of the Midwest.

Homeowners continue to rely on Creative Homeowner Press as their complete source for home improvement. Not only do we teach you how to build new space or remodel an old house, we also show you how to make any interior comfortable and stylish with two new books in our decorating line: For Fall 1998, we round out our exciting new "Smart Approach" series with two extremely popular topics: kitchens and general decorating.

In each book, lots of big, beautiful pictures of appealing interiors accompany an informative, easy-to-read text. Together, they bring you into the world of professionally designed homes, and show you how to achieve the same polished results on your own. Every chapter walks you through a logical sequence of design events and helps you to plan every phase of your project with knowledge and confidence. Whether you're analyzing space or shopping for products, you'll find the guidance you need to make insightful choices and decisions. Both books cover subjects that include

How to analyze the project like a professional
How to speak the language of design
How to add personality to your home

Novice decorators, as well as anyone looking for inspiration, will find these books comprehensive, as well as enjoyable to read and admire.


There's no other book that puts the heart into kitchen design like this one. The Smart Approach to Kitchen Design mixes commonsense ideas with professional know-how to help you create the custom kitchen of your dreams, for your lifestyle, and within your budget. Find out

How to design like a professional
How to analyze and shape space
How to develop a budget
How to create style in the kitchen
How to plan storage
How to shop for appliances
How to select materials
How to create a lighting design for the kitchen
How to make the kitchen accessible
How to work with contractors

More than 150 full-color photographs take you into professionally designed kitchens from all over the country. You'll see the latest trends in equipment and styles, and receive the best information for judging what's best for your application.

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